About Us

Oui Kiki is the result of many trips to different countries, feeling different cultures, different customs, different ways of being. It is these trips, carried out over the last few years, both in Portugal and around the world, as well as the constant participation in events that launch fashion and trends, which motivate us.

We can say that this luggage allows us to better understand the woman and her needs: when it comes to dressing, she gives preference to a type of comfortable and quality clothes, which can adapt to different everyday situations, however, their own style.

Despite our multicultural inspiration, the Oui Kiki brand is 100% Portuguese: from its creation, to the making and modeling. For the finishing of our pieces we do not do without the hand of the seamstress, renouncing the concept of series production.

So, despite the fact that we launch new models every season, the Oui Kiki collections have a limited number of pieces, because we want, above all, that women feel special.


Oui Kiki is governed by principles of honesty, respect, trust, quality and transparency, but also irreverence.

We value our country, the quality and competence of Portuguese manufacturing. We strive to ensure that all of our garments and accessories are produced with national companies.

Our irreverence is manifested in the desire to slow down the march of time, resorting to the design of more sustainable and lasting products.

Our social responsibility urges us to cooperate, in a positive and creative way, with the national economy. Respecting the work and the human value of each element of this process is essential for us.

Oui Kiki is a reflection of our creativity and passion for fashion, and the exceptional quality of made in Portugal. Because, although we have already traveled the world, we have immeasurable pride in our country.